What should I pay attention to when buying concrete mixing plant equipment?

What should I pay attention to when buying concrete mixing plant equipment?

What should I pay attention to when buying concrete mixing plant equipment? With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic situation, the construction engineering industry has also gradually resumed work. It is said that this year is a more important year for China's infrastructure construction, and there will be no less natural construction projects. Construction engineering is inseparable from the concrete mixing plant equipment. The mixing plant equipment is actually very simple. It is an equipment that mixes cement, stones, sand, water and other materials uniformly.

First determine the type of mixing plant equipment according to the quantity of concrete required, secondly determine the configuration, and finally find a mixing plant manufacturer with good after-sales service. Qingdao Saintyol DAWIN Machinery is located in the beautiful Qingdao, with a superior location and wide after-sales service coverage. I hope to do my best to help the national infrastructure.
Q: What is the maximum towing speed of the mobile station, such as 25 kilometers per hour?
Answer: Less than or equal to 25km / h.

Question: Does the mobile station have a limit on the towing distance of continuous driving, such as the maximum distance of 100 kilometers?
Answer: At present, our equipment is not allowed to go on the road, only suitable for short distance walking.

Q: How much does the basic construction cost of various types of mixing plants? band
Answer: It takes about 40,000 yuan for three cement silos in the mixing station; about 150,000 yuan for the steel structure batching machine in the mixing building, and four cement silos for the mixing building; about 200,000 yuan for the batch type batching machine.

Q: What types of concrete can be produced by the simple 25 station?
Answer: The concrete mixing station is not sized, as long as the quality of the concrete produced is the same according to the same ratio.

Q: How long is the service life of your mixing plant?
Answer: The service life of the mixing plant is closely related to personal maintenance. There is no problem with good maintenance and maintenance for more than ten years.

Question: What other equipment does the supporting equipment of the mixing plant have?
Answer: A complete set of concrete companies: mixing plant, tank truck, pump truck, loadometer, laboratory, environmental protection treatment system, personnel.

Q: What is the difference between a commercial concrete mixing plant and an engineering mixing plant?
A: There is no obvious difference in the configuration of the two devices. The commercial concrete mixing station is stronger than the engineering station in terms of environmental protection, production efficiency, and appearance; the engineering station requires relatively high measurement accuracy of equipment or the continuous combat capability of the equipment.